Smith Tower

Size:  8″w X 9″h

Price:  Prints $150, Postcards $25

Story: When the Smith Tower was built in 1914 it was “Huge” and for many years it was the tallest building in the Western United States!

An example of Neoclassical Architecture, the building’s distinctive top is crowned by an eight foot diameter glass dome. Today it is dwarfed by Seattle’s soaring skyline yet it’s unique design sets it apart from all the other buildings in the city!


Pike Place at Night

Size:  13.5″w X 12.5″h

Price:  Prints $175, Postcards $25

Story: December 21st in the Pacific Northwest is often dark and dreary especially at 4:36 in the afternoon…. The Pike Place Market, on the other hand, is an island of light and good cheer!


Kraken Crossing

Size:  11”w X 8.5”h

Price:  Prints $150, Postcards $25

Story: Washington State Ferry Boats are a lifeline for people who live in the San Juan Islands. In this scene, a ferry is leaving the dock at Orcas Island on a beautiful summer day. The Legend of the Kraken adds a measure of fear and mystery in the Salish Sea! Koma Kulshan (Mount Baker) looms in the background….


Dashboard Cheeses

Size:  15.5”w X 8.5”h

Price:  Prints $200, Postcards $25

Story: This painting is a spoof of the song “Dashboard Jesus” (which was inspired by the 1962 movie “Cool Hand Luke”). My original idea included having cheese melting and dripping from the dashboard ala Salvador Dali. Featured on the dashboard is “Grateful Red” produced by friends at Sol Stone Winery in Woodinville. Seen through the windows of this 1955 Buick Special are some of my favorite West Seattle business including Circa (restaurant extraordinaire) and Pegasus Books!


Size:  11”w X 14”h

Price:  Prints $175, Postcards $25

Story: We had been in Paris for awhile but had laundry and things to do as we had already been in Europe for a week. After dinner and wine, we laughed our way over to view the Eiffel Tower. It was truly Amazing!! The sweep, grace, and size of the structure is so impressive… What a design! For so many reasons (restaurants and museums included), Paris is one of my favorite places to visit!


Size:  7.5”w X 9.75”h

Price:  Prints $100, Postcards $25

Story: The day starts early when you are babysitting a one year old kid! One winter morning, this image was very briefly gifted to me and I caught it with my I-phone. Beautiful sunsets are common on Alki, but spectacular moonsets are rare!

1962 SPACE NEEDLE (2020)

Size:  7.5”w X 15.5”h

Price:  Prints $175, Postcards $25

Story: When I was a young boy, my father and I would drive to downtown Seattle to watch construction of the Space Needle. It was Amazing and when complete sported an orange top (as opposed to the current off-white)! This nostalgic image is of current day structures and the ferry boat “Wenatchee”.


Size:  14”w X 10”h

Price:  Prints $175, Postcards $25

Story: Jack Block Park is a “must see” attraction in Seattle! It is, essentially, reclaimed land from the industrial maritime past. The meandering trails, walkways, and bridges afford some of the best views including downtown Seattle, the port of Seattle containerized shipping operations, and Mount Rainer!


Size:  14”w X 10”h

Price:  Prints $150, Postcards $25

Story: Living on Alki Ave in Seattle, beautiful sunsets are a given! The Maritime traffic is colorful, interesting, and hectic at times. With Bainbridge Island and the Olympic Mountains as a backdrop, this is two ships passing in the Dusk…



Size:  10.5”w X 14”h

Price:  Prints $150, Postcards $25

Story: After an 11 day “Rick Steves” tour of Sicily, we were ready for a vacation from our vacation! Monterosso al Mare in Italy, one of the five villages that comprise the “Cinque Terre”, was truly beautiful, fun, and relaxing. Wandering the many winding streets and walkways, I captured my wife (Sandy) with her bicycle in front of a very cool Hotel!


Alki Water Color Paiting

Size:  16.5” X 8.5”

Price: Prints $150.00, Postcards $25.00

Story: The Alki Trail in Seattle is a narrow park and promenade in front of our Condo that stretches for miles in each direction. It is a recreational wonderland populated by families, couples, dogs, bikes (2 and 4 wheel variety), skateboards, tourists, locals, uni-cycles, Ferry boats… name it!

Especially on a sunny day, the energy and love flow in harmony with the Puget Sound coastline and the City of Seattle.

NYC TAXIS (2018)

Size: 8”w X 8.5”h

Price: Prints $100, Postcards $25

Story: In New York City, you cannot ignore the Taxis! They are everywhere, charging around, and honking (not a mean honk – just letting the other drivers know that they are there). This painting is a moment at the end of an evening in 2013 (daughter Lindsay’s 30th birthday) and I am in the back seat of a cab, looking out at other taxis in a sea of movement! A shout out to “Katz’s Delicatessen”!

IPA’S (2018)

Size:  9″w. x 6″h.

Price:  Prints $100.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  This painting is of a Summer Solstice Day at Anthony’s patio on Shilshole, Seattle, Washington. The ales and bread were served & I told Sandy (my wife) to back away from the table before sipping the beer so I could take a photograph to paint later. In my mind they are Boundary Bay IPA’s.  By the time lunch arrived, the beers were gone (doggonit!)


Size:  10″w. x 13.5″h.

Price:  Prints $175.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  This Seattle painting is of a bridge from Beacon Hill to the International District that is a nice alternative to I-5.  One of the best views in town, this painting is a beautiful summer day and the cars are flashy.


Size:  19″w. x 19″h.

Price:  Prints $225.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  Originally created in 2002, I painted over the top of this Pike Place Market (Seattle, WA) image and gave it life!  The clown (Thomas) was blowing balloon animals for kids, but was very upset and swearing up a storm so nobody would go near him.  One of many things to note in the painting is the reflection of the back of the Hostess Cake truck in the glass.


Size:  10″w. x 8″h.

Price:  Prints $100.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  This is another older painting that needed some attention.  This 2004 painting shows richness of Pioneer Square in Seattle on a cloudy day.  Tourists and vagrants vie for space in this part of town:  once I witnessed a group of sight-seers coming up from an “Underground Tour” only to be assaulted by “F” bombs from the aforementioned locals (not shown).


Size:  13″w. x 6″h.

Price:  Prints $150.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  A friend of a friend came back from the Island Nation of Mauritius with a post card and fond memories.  I agreed to paint this image for a fee.  To succeed, I purchased “Best Beaches” calendars at the mall to make sure the tropical colors and textures were accurate.  This painting also incorporates my many tropical adventures.


Size:  6″w. x 4″h.

Price:  Prints $30.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  Nothing typical of this Seattle scene except the lack of people (normally packed!).  This “slice of the Market” painting demonstrates how unique Pike Place Market is for colors and atmosphere.  If you want to have a good laugh, check out the Geoduck necks in a stall down the way!


Size: 9″w. x 6″h.

Price:  Prints $100.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  While on a cruise to Venice, we went on an excursion to the island town of Burano.  Such a colorful collection of homes and businesses.  The tale is that the buildings were painted different from each other so the “man of the family” could easily find his way home after a night at the pub (probably learned the hard way!).


Size:  13/5″w. x 8.5″h.

Price:  Prints $100.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  Villefranche is a beautiful town between Nice and Monaco.  This painting shows how the harbor is a mix of cool buildings, boats, fishing industry and tourists.  We stayed in a hotel with a view of the harbor and Cape Ferrat’s famous lighthouse.  Drama on the way here as the rental car’s low fuel light came on in Nice and we were hopelessly lost.  A good Samaritan rescued us and gave us a nice tour of the area!


Size:  13″w. x 11″h.

Price:  Prints $125.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  This painting is on top of a 2004 painting.  When in Venice, you quickly learn that the names of the walking streets change every block.  The only option is to get completely lost!  Then you come around a corner to a view like this that takes you back the way you have come…


Size:  15.5″w x 12″h.

Price: Prints $175.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  A beautiful spring day at the Pike Place Market (Seattle).  I am walking toward the Gum Wall from First Avenue.  This painting is interesting because of the geometry, the activity, the colors, and the poster art!  Thomas, “The Foul-Mouthed Clown” and his balloons, can be seen from behind….


Size:  8″w. x 4.5″h.

Price:  Prints $60.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  Living on Alki Avenue in Seattle and walking the surrounding neighborhoods, you would be blind not to notice this hard working rusty old pick-up truck.  I am especially fond because I used to own one when I was in my twenties.  This was a challenge to paint in watercolors because there is no white paint.  The white is the color of the paper.  I am especially pleased with the headlights!

OFF ALKI (2016)

Size:  5″w. x 8″h.

Price: Prints $60.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  In the summer there are so many beautiful sunsets from Alki Avenue in Seattle.  This painting shows a sailboat in perfect peaceful position frozen in time.  What the viewer cannot see or hear is the road rage of loud cars and motorcycles in the background.

OIA (2015)

Size: 8’w. x 8″h.

Price:  Prints $75.00, postcards $25.00

Story: On the Greek Island of Santorini is this really cool town pronounced   “euwe”!  We have all seen the classic blue domes of the Greek Orthodox Churches, but this painting shows them in context with neighboring buildings.  I am standing on a walk way in the shade (it’s hot!) looking down into a cute little courtyard.


Size: 7.5″w. x 7.5″h.

Price:  Prints $75.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  Painting all these colorful buildings and their reflections in the water was really fun.  The Greater Venice area is so unique like this.  Don’t stumble into the wrong house after drinking!


Size:  7.5″w. x 7.5″h.

Price:  Prints $75.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  It’s all about the ferries in Seattle!  Back and forth all day to places like Bremerton and Bainbridge Island.  This is a painting of one of the workhorses named the Kitsap.  The title harkens back to an old calypso song, “DAY-O”.

CURACAO (2011)

Size: 15″w. x 6″h.

Price:  Prints $100.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  While on a Southern Caribbean cruise, we woke one morning to this picturesque town that I knew I would paint.  The town was really fun to roam and reminded me of Amsterdam.  Pretty, but with a dark past for being a major hub in the slavery trade in centuries past.

COLOGNE (2010)

Size:  9″w. x 15″h.

Price:  Prints $175.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  One morning I noticed a small (2″x2″) color photograph of this scene in the Sunday newspaper.  We had been on this street in l980 during a European backpacking train trip.  It was packed with cool bars, restaurants and tourists.  Because of the size, I couldn’t tell what I was painting at times, so just concentrated on the shapes and colors.  Looking over my shoulder, Sandy said, “Oh!  Flamingo Dancers!” and I thought “so that is what it is…HAHA!”


Size:  ll.5″w. x 7.5″h.

Price:  Prints $100.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  A friend of my Mother named Gussie had photographed this and had it thumb tacked to a wall in her house.  Turned on by the silhouette action, I asked her if I could borrow it to paint and she said sure.  Unfortunately, she passed away before I could finish it….


Size: l6.5″w. x l0.5″h.

Price:  Prints $l00.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  My cousin, Missy, sent this image in postcard form to my Aunt, Ni-me.  She handed it to me and said:  “Paint this!”  Fortunately, I had visited this Tuscan town in 1997 and had climbed many of its towers.


Size:  12.5″w. x 7.5″h.

Price:  Prints $150.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  I painted this from a postcard I picked up in Avignon or Arle in 2006 because it was such a beautiful photograph of the Southern France countryside.   Umm…Cote du Rhone at the local grocery store for only $3.00 a bottle!


Size: 24″w. x 9″h.

Price:  Prints $200.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  The sun was setting and we were in Venice on the Rialto Bridge along with what seemed to be hundreds of other tourists.  The Grand Canal is a site to behold, so I feel the title of this painting is very appropriate (and funny!)  Originally painted in 2003, I added much needed depth and color in 2008.


Size: 10’w. x 15″h.

Price:  Prints $100.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  This is a beautiful, and very paintable, town in Southern France. Having just walked “Rue Obscure”, one of the most bizarre streets in Europe, we came upon this scene which featured some really cool shutters.


Size: 10.5″w. x 9″h.

Price:  Prints $150.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  This water color painting started like a dank, grey, interesting, but depressed image. Because I was going through a color renaissance at the time, I made the painting much more vibrant and cheerful.


Size: 15.5″w. x 10″h.

Price:  Prints $150.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  What can you say about this city…Wow!   In this painting my back is to Anne Frank’s house.  This beautiful canal belies the fact that Hitler’s fingerprints are on it!  The little animal in the foreground is a child’s toy or a horn on the bicycle for which there are zillions.  (Look Out!)


Size:  10″w. x 12.5″h.

Price:  Prints $100.00, postcards $25.00 – Original donated to J.P. Patches Foundation

Story:  In 1988, at a construction site in Greenwood at the old “Pizza and Pipes”, I pulled a large black and white poster of this image out of a dumpster.  Years later I decided to paint this, pulling colors from memory, as a volunteer at a local elementary school Art Night.  What was started that night continued and I elicited comments and direction from J.P. by mail and telephone.  He and Gertrude eventually approved and signed the finished painting.  We met Gertrude (Bob Newman) for his signature and he was hilarious!

PINE LAKE (2003)

Size:   8″w. x 12″h.

Price:  Prints $50.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  This is a painting of a beautiful little lake in Sammamish.  Sandy and I built a house here in 1988 and enjoyed this view for 14 years while raising our daughter, Lindsay.


Size:  9.5″w. x 6.5″h.

Price:  Prints $150.00, postcards $25.00

Story:  I was attracted to the sign on this church outside Lahaina, Maui. The ominous message could not be taken seriously in this humorous setting.  I painted this quickly from the screen of my digital camera.  Friends, Ruth and Sandy, had seen this painting and stopped in to check it out while driving by years later.  They attended a service and were treated as special guests!